Colin Raney, in a thoughtful post of the art of savoring:

"… As a design principle, it seems equally powerful. In this case, the idea of savoring becomes and invitation, not an obligation. Instead of always designing for progress and forward flow, you build moments for people to pause. (I’ve heard service designers refer to these moments as eddies, referring to the swirls that happen on the side of a riverbank.)"

C-Notes by Colin Raney from IDEO
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Quarter Quarter Quarterly


Asif asked me to contribute to he and Geremy’s new online journal, Quarter Quarter Quarterly, so I wrote a short meditation about one of my favorite things, the Chemex. The following is an excerpt:

In 1896 Louis Henry Sullivan wrote an article titled  “The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered”, arguing that in order for a building to be an effective service to mankind, it’s form should be dictated by its function, which is to say that its design and construction should be reflective of the work and life taking place within, rather than a thoughtless combination of walls floors doors windows and pillars. As sure as this argument can be applied to office buildings, it can be applied to coffee pots: enter the Chemex.

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