Product naming is the ultimate exercise in simplicity. It requires one to capture in a single word, possibly two, the essence of a product or company—or in some cases create a personality for it. While simplicity enjoys a challenge like this, unfortunately so does complexity. In fact, if you look around at product names, you’ll realize that complexity is doing a fine job of winning this particular war.
Interesting article on how Apple’s iMac was almost called MacMan.

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On Rebranding.

To move from the old to the new. You have to imagine it like the transition into a new period of life. This is a very respectful process of release into the new. The philosopher Heidegger once said that there is the person you became over the years and then there is the person you could be in the future. To become this person you have to walk towards yourself. And that’s exactly what we help brands to do.

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