Just came across this video interview with Alex Katz, I love the bit near the end about painting eternity.

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Really beautiful work to be found in this exhibition of Irish craft. Especially in love with SuperFolk:
‘A Place to Gather’ is as much about the individual objects as their relationships with each other, their place of origin and their maker. The impression created when they share a space together - an atmosphere, a qualitative not quantitative thing. ‘A Place to Gather’ is about an approach and craft’s relationship to a wider culture. It is about a maker, a practical person in an often bewildering world. It is about a person; rooted and aware, drenched in the weather and materials of the land, part of a community, local and global, hedgerows and cables, influenced from inside and out, time’s power being respected and the materials’ better nature drawn forth. It is about a holistic way of thinking, an approach that creates objects of use - be that practical, emotional or intellectual. Objects that hold the tactility of their construction and through their use add value.

As humans we are meant to gather, to commune; to relate emotionally and spiritually, to share, to question and to support. This is a gathering of objects, and a gathering of people. 

(Source: aplacetogather.ie)

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